Stated Income Commercial Loans

We have been financing commercial real estate loans for 35 years.  We know how to quickly and accurately analyze the income of virtually any commercial loan request.  We have a number of loan programs where income taxes are not required to obtain a competitively priced loan.  We of course will need leases and a client prepared two year operating history.  We are a leading provider of Stated Income Commercial Loans in Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County and Santa Barbara County.  For more information on our Stated Income Commercial Loans or how to qualify, contact us today at 818-704-5626 or fill out quick quote on the right of your screen.

Stated Income Commercial Loan Offerings

Our minimum loan is $500,000 and our maximum loan can exceed $10,00,000.  Most of these loans are 30 year adjustable rate mortgages, with a 3-5-7-10 year initial fixed rate term.  We offer these loans for purchase, refinance and cash-out refinance transactions.  We can finance these loans on most commercial properties, so call today to talk to a smart, experienced commercial finance professional.  I am easy to reach and answer my own phones!

How to Qualify for our Stated Income Commercial Loans

Many people ask how to qualify for stated income commercial loans.  The answer is that we do not care about tax returns, but we do need to see complete copies of any leases, extensions and modifications.  We will need a copy of a profit and loss statement for each of the past two years as well as year-to-date.  We will run a credit report, and the better your credit, the better the pricing.   25% is the minimum down payment requirement and the amount we can finance is generally determined by the cash flow, or potential cash flow if you are making significant improvements to the property.

  • 25% is minimum down payment;
  • Provide P & L Statement for last two calendar years and Year-to-date;
  • Perfect credit not required, but the better your credit the better your rate and fees;

 Apply for a Stated Income Commercial Loan

I have been financing real estate for 35 years and am extremely knowledgeable and well-connected in the industry.  You will know that I am an expert in this business during the course of our first conversation.  Don’t delay, call me today to get on the road to getting your commercial real estate loan approved!