Portfolio Home Loans

We offer many portfolio home loans, which are loans which are kept by lenders rather than sold to Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. The advantage to these loans is that they will allow looser guidelines than traditional mortgages.

Portfolio Home Loans allow much of the following:

  1. Unlimited cash-out to $5,000,000 + on owner-occupied, non-owner occupied, 2nd homes and 2 to 4 units;
  2. Title held in LLC, LLP, Trusts and Corporations;
  3. Interest-only;
  4. No maximum number of properties owned;
  5. 80% to $2,000,000, up to 90% CLTV allowing Seller or Institutional 2nd;
  6. Cross Collateralization—use multiple properties to obtain a higher loan amount;
  7. Foreign Nationals, Non-Permanent Resident Aliens and Expat loans;
  8. Blend ratios for non-occupant co-borrower;
  9. Departing residence for rental income allowed only requiring a rental survey;
  10. Asset Depletion Loans;
  11. Non-Warrantable Condos and Condotel;
  12. Properties with acreage and other unique properties;
  13. Call us to review your special portfolio loan request.  Call Stanley Goodfriend, 818-704-5626 or email me, stanley@loansuperstore.com