Non-Owner Occupied Home Loans


Financing for Non-Owner Occupied Home Loans, Inc. is proud to provide great loan programs for Non-Owner Occupied Home Loans

Conforming and High Balance Loans

  • You can finance up to 10 homes

  • Loan-to-value ratios up to 80%
  • We can use rents to qualify regardless of your experience

  • We have bank statement programs for either refinancing or cash-out.
  • Same underwriting guidelines as owner occupied. 

  • Experienced income property lenders

  • See loan limits in our 2 to 4 unit section.   

 Loans to $5,000,000+

1.    Non-owner occuped home loans on 1-4 Unit properties (no limit to properties financed)  

2.    No Cash out limits —– with No ADDs for Cash Out 

3.    Title held in LLC’s, LLP’s, Corps, Irrevocable and Blind Trusts – OK (we offer O/O pricing and terms if guarantor of Business Entity Loan is going to live in the home) 

4.    Foreign National loans  

5.    Single Family Construction – Location Specific (call for details)   

6.    We are a Pure Portfolio Lender…so we have the Flexibility and the Experience to look at a borrower’s ability to repay, especially when offset with compensating factors such as:                

  •  High Loan-to-Value ratio             
  •  High Fico/Excellent Credit                
  •  Great Assets/Reserves

Please call and talk to Stanley Goodfriend about getting financing for your non-owner occupied home loans.

 818-704-5626, or email

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