Line of Credit, Inc. knows that sometimes you need extra money to repair items in your home, improve your home or property, or just to make ends meet. That is why we offer California Lines of Credit. We have a number of Lines of Credit, and most work the same way as a mortgage:

·  Up to $1,000,000 max line amount-1st or 2nd position
·  Both borrowers minimum mid credit score required 650
·  45% debt to income
·  Stand-alone or combo
·  75% maximum combined loan to value ratio; 80% as an exception
 1st or 2nd position

·  No lender fee HELOC option available on stand-alone 2nds
·  1st & 2nd HELOC with fixed rate option available after close
·  15 years to draw plus up to 10 more years to repay
·   Purchase money available for 2nd position only
·   Not allowed-properties listed within 90 days of application date
·  12 month mortgage history required to qualify
·   If loan modification has been done on existing first lien for interest rate and/or amortization period, 2nd mortgage loan or HELOC not allowed to close behind the 1st lien.

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