FHA Streamline

If you're looking to refinance your California FHA Loan, the fastest option will be an FHA Streamline. FHA Streamline Refinance loans can close in 8 days or less and have the least amount of paper work. With an FHA Streamline you can cut down your monthly payments by at least 5% with no appraisal or income verification.

Why a California Streamline Refinance?

Do you want to lower your monthly payment?  Are you paying too much interest on your home loan?  Call us so we can help (800-365-8787 ext 11). You can be saving lots of money with a streamline refinance! Rates continue to drop and countless people are saving hundreds a month and even thousands!  Already have an FHA loan? Then you are already approved! Streamline refinance is the fastest, easiest way to save money on your existing home loan. Start now and start saving!

Streamline Refinance is called streamlined, because the process is so quick and easy. It uses your original paper work from your original loan so there is no other paperwork necessary!  No more piles of documents anymore with a streamline refinance!

The great benefits of a Streamline Refinance

  • Fast and hassle-free
  • No additional paper work
  • No full credit report or verifying of income and assets
  • No out of pocket expenses
  • Lower your interest rate and your monthly payment
  • Save thousands through out the course of your mortgage