FHA Loans 3.5% Down Payment


FHA Loans 3.5% down payment required.  We have down payment assistance programs that can reduce your down payment to 1/2 of 1.00% or even no down payment!!!!
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Note that if your credit score is over 720, we have non-FHA programs that only require a 3.00% down payment up to $453,100, some with no mortgage insurance.  That’s right, California borrowers, 97% loan to value with no mortgage insurance.

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FHA 3,5% Down Payment Loans were designed to provide assistance with home ownership for anyone who don’t have a high enough credit score, or down payment associated with a conventional loan. FHA Loans are great for young adults or families looking to puchase their first home who might not have a large amount of money saved or do not have the best credit. If you’re looking to purchase a home you can have a down payment at 3.5% with a loan amount up to $679,650 for a single family residence throughout California (higher for a 2-4 unit property).

Be aware that there are several FHA alternative loans that require as little as a 3.00% down payment with no mortgage insurance. These loans require a higher credit score and for many people are a superior alternative to FHA loans.

Here are a few FHA Loans 3.5% Down Payment highlights available to California Residents:

  • 3.5% down payment-can be a gift from a family member or long term family friend, which must be documented;
  • Automated underwriting can allow for higher ratios– major consideration is cash reserves, credit and down payment;
  • No post closing reserve requirement;
  • Seller can provide up to 6% recurring and/or non-recurring closing costs;
  • Non-occupant co-borrowers allowed to aid qualifying for the loan;
  • No Fico Score OK, non traditional credit, for example rental, cell phone, utility bills
  • 620 targeted Fico score for purchase or rate and term– potentially lower as FHA has no minimum and we have programs for very low Fico scores, but as a practical matter, 620;
  • Variable rates available where you can qualify at the start rate, enabling a borrower to more easily qualify—CRA incentives might make qualifying easier. ;
  • CRA incentives available in low to moderate income census tracts;
  • 2 to 4 unit properties OK so long as one unit is an owner occupied primary residence, and these limits for 2018 are:
    • Conforming, 1 unit maximum (single family residence): $453,100 nationwide, with High Balance up to $679,650; County specific
    • Conforming 2 unit (duplex) maximum: $580,150 nationwide,  with High Balance up to $870,225; County specific
    • Conforming 3 unit (triplex) maximum: $701,250 nationwide, with High Balance up to $1,051,875; County specific
    • Conforming 4 unit (quadplex) maximum: $871,450 nationwide, with High Balance up to $1,307,175; County specific
  • 85% of rental income from these units is used in qualifying;  
  • Green card NOT required, H1-B Visa is OK– if not US citizen, you need either a Green card or an H1-B Visa;
  • 2 years from discharge of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, 1 year from a Chapter 13, and 3 years on a foreclosure

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