Asset Depletion Mortgages| Asset Dissipation Home Loans

Asset Depletion Mortgages, also known as Asset Dissipation Mortgage, enables jumbo loan borrowers to qualify for purchase or refinance loans by calculating a theoretic amortization of one’s liquid assets (including retirement accounts), and then we add that number to your income to enable you to qualify for a loan where you might have insufficient income.

For example, if you have $1,000,000 in assets, one of our Asset Depletion Mortgages/Asset Dissipation Mortgage Underwriting programs would  enable us to increase your income by approximately $8,800 per year, which might be enough for you to qualify for a new purchase money or refinance Asset Depletion Mortgage/Asset Dissipation Mortgage.

We have been successful in closing these loans for our borrowers!

Again, this is for jumbo borrowers only.  Call Stanley Goodfriend, 818-704-5626 or email with any questions or comments.