Conventional Loans

California Conventional Loans are loans that are backed by investors and are not insured by FHA or VA.  Conventional loans adhere to Fannie Mae guidelines and are often called Conforming Loans. Conventional loans are great for Californian's who currently have enough saved to put the traditional 20% down payment on their home purchase, or borrowers with as little as 3.00% still qualify for conventional loans.

Conventional loans generally have better interest rates than non-conventional loans throughout the state of Californa. Usually conventional loans are 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages, meaning that it has a fixed interest rate for the 30 year term of the loan. Conventional loans generally require at least a 3.00% down payment creating a LTV of 97% or less.

California Conventional loans can include any of the following loan types:

  • Fixed Rate Loans
  • Balloon Mortgages and Pledge Asset Loans
  • Jumbo / Construction Loans
  • Reverse Mortgage

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