Bank Statement Mortgages

Let’s start with mortgages that require no income, employment or asset documentation.  While these are mainly for non-owner 1 to 4 unit properties, we do offer a One Month Bank statement loan for buying or refinancing an owner occupied home.  See our many other programs below.

Bank Statement Mortgages to 90% Loan To Value to $5,000,000+!

Talk to us about your needs as our expert communication skills will help you close your loan quickly!  Our Bank Statement Mortgages programs provide mortgage financing when a borrower believes that their tax returns will not qualify them  for a new loan.  Contact us, and you’ll talk to one of the smartest mortgage teams in the business and we specialize in stated income and bank statement mortgages.  We have programs available for owner and non-owner occupied properties as well as 2-4 unit properties, 5+ unit properties and commercial properties.  We have more than 40 different options in our Bank Statement Mortgages Programs.  The following is a representation our world class bank statement mortgages options for 2019 and hopefully, beyond!  Contact us so that we can review your situation and tailor a loan that meets your needs!

  • Fico Scores as low as 680 to 90%
  • Fico Scores as low as 620 to 85%
  • Fico scores as low as 580 to 80%
  • Fico scores as low as 500 to 65%
  • Cash Out to $1,000,000
  • Interest-only OK!

1 and 2 Months Bank Statement Mortgages

  • Can lending using Bank Statements be any easier?
  • Use personal bank statement deposits minus withdrawals (except for unusually large deposits that cannot be sourced) for one month to determine income OR
  • Divide assets by 6 to determine income, WOW!
  • Be able to prove self-employment for 2 years

Outrageously Grrreat Asset Depletion Program 

  • Have 7 years post-closing payments in bank/stock accounts  to qualify (retirement accounts do not count)You do not have to be employed to get this loan!
  • OR have liquid assets equal to loan amount to qualify.

Profit and Loss Only 

  • Use most recent full years and a year-to-date P & L;
  • Borrower prepared OK
  • Proof Borrower has been self-employed for at least 2 years.

12 to 24 Programs for Bank Statement Mortgages

These loans require either/both personal and/or business bank statements, but the rates can be better and  30 year fixed is available. programs available, so be sure to talk to us so that we can tailor the right bank statement mortgages program for your individual needs!



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