40 Year Loans with 10 Year Interest-Only

40 year interest-only loans are very popular options! Realtors and Borrowers, email Stanley@loansuperstore.com for more information. We just obtained an approval for a $2.8 million cash-out refinance on a $10million home. Advantage was that the loan was underwritten on a 30 year term which resulted in the borrower qualifying for a higher loan amount. Also… [Read More]

Refinance Your Hard Money Loan into a 30 Year Loan

We fund and refi borrowers out of hard money loans Let us refinance you out of a hard money loan, owner occupied or investment property We have a wide array of loans designed to payoff hard money loans: Lower payment 30 year loan terms Credit Scores as low as 540 No Income Tax Returns Bank… [Read More]

Stated Income/Bank Statement Only Loans for Self-Employed

Seasons Greetings my friends, and we wish you fun, health and happiness for the New Year! We offer the most awesome loan program for those of you who are self-employed and can’t show tax returns or many bank statements to obtain a real estate loan. One-Month Bank Statement program: • Self-Employed Borrowers; • Borrower States… [Read More]

Awesome Stated Income Home Loan Program

I am pleased to announce the most aggressive stated income loan program for owner occupied single family residences or condos to date.  75% LTV on purchases to $3,00,000 for self-employed borrowers.  Unlimited cash-out!  Show only one bank statement and state a reasonable income for your occupation.  You must be able to prove that you have… [Read More]

High Balance Cash Out Rates Improves

Our cash-out rate on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac high balance (county specific but to $636,150 in Los Angeles County) has improved as we are able to suspend the normal 1 point add-on for cash out on this program.  This translates to a rate improvement of approximately .375%!  So if you have not refinanced your… [Read More]


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