2019 is off to a fast start – See how we can help you with your loan

Loans, Loans, Loans.

We do Loans!  We just closed a 90% jumbo condo purchase.  The borrower chose to pay mortgage insurance as they felt they would be able to pay their loan down to 80% within a few years and they negotiated a great price.  The appraisal came in above the purchase price, which appraisers try not to do.

Also working on a $1.5 million construction loan of a non-owner single family residence in the South Bay.  The completed value should be in the $3.5million range.  This is a pretty easy construction loan as plans and permits are ready to go, just waiting for the contractor’s cost breakdown to be approved and should break ground in 4 weeks.

Cool loan working for a buyer who is taking 75% cash-out of his rental house to buy a home in Israel.  This is a true no-doc 30 year loan where the borrower qualifies on the strength of the value of his home.  Rates on these loans generally range from 4.75% to 6.5%.

We are refinancing a great house on one of Los Angeles’ most prestigious streets.  This $15million dollar house is owned free and clear the the borrower is getting $2.9million all cash out and is paying interest only for the first 7 years.

We do difficult loans very well, so imagine what a great job we do on your easy loans!  Contact us today to discuss your needs.